Humanlogix developed a comprehensive online-assessment that addresses management functions at all levels and across all industries. Candidates will need to act in the role of an interim manager, meaning that tactical and strategic decisions must be made and operational problems solved in order to build a basis for sustainable growth. Issues and problems are to be expected in strategic management, marketing, finance and in human resources. The assessment can be completed in English, German, Korean or Chinese.



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Humanlogix introduced a special online assessment for the banking and finance industry. The hx profiler in banking and finance uses a behavioural model that is divided into four main areas (leadership, problem solving, change and people) and subdivided into 10 dimensions. This full version provides detailed insight into relevant behavioural patterns. In the role of a management associate of the SWISS ASIA BANK, the candidate will participate in a talent development programme, in which they will be attached to branches and various departments throughout the bank. The goal of these attachments is to gain critical experience of the bank’s primary functions in preparation for placement in future key roles. The assessment can be taken in English or Chinese.



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The aim of humanlogix is to provide only high quality assessment results. Therefore, humanlogix offers training and support for clients and human resource professionals using the hx profiler. Humanlogix also offers assessments or development centres using the hx profiler. In addition, humanlogix supports the definition of corporate competency and behavioural models and job requirements according to corporate values and specific job profiles. A simple licencing model allows for ordering between one and an unlimited amount of licences at a time. Please enquire for prices and conditions. For clients wanting to buy licenced bundles (minimum of 100 profiler licences), humanlogix is happy to create a secure client domain and provide client-administration access. In this instance, the client is able to create and deliver individual licence keys for employees, clients, students, etc.



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