The profiler is a comprehensive online-assessment (situational judgement test) based on a realistic management case that is adaptable to different industries and their day-to-day management situations. Hx profiler is able to determine behavioural tendencies and assess how an individual will behave in certain situations. Each micro case has a short description embedded in the overall storyboard (macro case), immersing the candidate in their role and the case. The situational descriptions may be tasks that require completion, complaints to manage, problems to solve, actions to be planned, etc. Each micro case provides four options for dealing with a situation. All four options are feasible, but differ in the way in which they address a situation. The online assessment is available 24 hours, for seven days. The time required to work through the cases is roughly one to two hours, depending on the version chosen. After completing the assessment, the candidate and defined experts (coaches) can instantly access the online-evaluation centre and its various reports.



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Human behaviour consist of extremely complex phenomena, because it combines different and sometimes contradicting attributes. Considering this complexity, humanlogix developed an approach for presenting behavioural patterns that describe the individuality of a person as a personal “behavioural pattern”. The behavioural overview indicates the most significant attributes that characterize a person. Humanlogix is able to distinguish the probability of four different attributes in each behavioural dimension. These attributes are evaluated within the context of six different situations assigned to one behavioural dimension. The variety within each of the six situations provides valid insight into individual strategies. Evaluation of a candidate’s self-perception of their experience, formal qualifications and interests (as provided in a formal CV) in different functions helps to complete the overall picture of said candidate.


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The hx tools4talents comprise an easy and systematic tool for defining the ideal job profile. The unique matching function highlights in which behavioural attributes a candidate meets pre-set behavioural job-requirements. After completion of the assessment matching tables indicate how the candidate’s specific attributes meet the stated requirements within a pre-set tolerance, or to what extent behavioural attributes deviate from these requirements. The matching function helps, for example, to find the most suitable candidate in recruitment situations.



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